Creating a Recognizable Brand

When setting up a new store front for your business you may only be thinking of the adage “location, location, location” but there are certainly many other factors that determine the success of a new business. If your business doesn’t have a recognizable brand, you may have trouble attracting new customers who don’t already know who you are.

There are three areas which you need to address in order to create a recognizable brand for your storefront:

  • Business Name & Logo
  • Storefront Colors
  • Signage & Lettering

Your Business Name & Logo

To ensure that your brand is recognizable it is important that you create a business name and logo that is easy to remember and can be associated with your company. Your business logo should stand out but should also be simple.

The business name needs to be easy to remember but also unique so that it sticks out from the rest – and sticks in your customer’s mind. For new businesses, you’ll want to choose a name that clearly specifies the type of business or service that you provide. Once your brand is more recognizable you can shorten the name to a one-word name that stands out.

Storefront Colors

The colors of your business should associate with the type of business that you are (e.g. Green can often be used for lawn service and landscaping services while Blue is often associated with plumbers, window cleaning, etc.).

You’ll also want to avoid using dark colors or only grayscale as it can be off-putting or seem cold and uninviting. Lighter shades and colors will attract more attention while also making your potential customers feel warm and at ease. If you do choose to use dark colors, make sure that you contrast them with lighter or bright colors… white can often help with that.

Signage & Lettering

One of the most important aspects of promoting your new storefront is proper signage and lettering. If you want to capture your local audience and foot traffic, you’ll need to ensure that your storefront can be adequately viewed from the street.

Make sure to use an easily viewable sign for your store and it should include a clear message as to the type of business that you are. It should stand out while also being clear as to the type of business you are.

You’ll also want to make sure your windows include the necessary information that your customers are seeking. This would include contact information in the case that you are closed, your business hours, what services you provide, etc. You can easily accomplish this using custom vinyl lettering to provide the information needed.

Another great way to draw attention to your new business using signs is by hiring an employee to hold signs at the nearest intersection. Many young employees will be happy for the work, even at minimum wage and it can greatly increase the exposure for your new business.