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Introduction to An Accident Reconstructionist

Traffic accidents is something that people are not willing to talk about. Most people don’t like thinking about what will happen if they find themselves in an accident. They do so because they fear thinking that they would witness their car being towed into a flatbed in a twisted metal state or being pulled out of a serious car accident.

Legal advocates are known to retain accident reconstructionists who are consultants and specialized professionals. Most of them are highway safety professionals, ex-police officers, physicists or engineers who are trained on traffic collisions analysis and have become specialists through experience. Although at times they are defending advocates in a legal case or prosecutors, however they are independed on particular legal action side.

Normally, the initial evidence item in a standard accident file is known as the traffic collision report. This includes the investigation by the police in the accident and normally has the basic information needed to carry out any analysis. Some accidents are investigated more than others by law enforcers, however traffic collision reports have diagrams and measurements describing the positions of various evidence items, they will also have some description of the accident as was found by investigating officers, contact information, witness statements, and general report of the parties involved in the accidents as well as the vehicles.

Accident reconstructionists also carry out investigation of site. Since by now they have the location of the accident and details of the issues they are evaluating, the next step is to visit the site of accident and carry out an autonomous topographic review. Accident reconstructionists carry out surveys just like standard survey companies however they are more particular on the left behind physical evidence.

In case the vehicles involved in the accident have not been repaired or destoryed, accident reconstructionists inspects them and gathers evidence which is important in the product liability lawsuits and in most studies. Vehicle inspections can be done when the vehicles are available.

For some time which depends on the case’s statute and jurisdiction, the accident reconstructionists carry out a discovery and offer various investigative information. Material found in the discovery includes crash accident photos, highway officials depositions, depositions by the plaintiff and defendant and any other information not contained in the original police investigation.

Once discovery has been compiled and details of what is to be analyzed identified and an approval given then reconstruction starts. Normally this starts with designing a diagram of the site of the accident going by the survey, the TCR and photogrpahs of the scene as was taken during the accident.

After examining, combining, and presenting the findings, now the facts can be recapitulated depending on the analysis’ importance.

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