Why You Should Use SMS Technology in Your Nonprofit Organization

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People with mobile phones have increased exponentially in the last few years. Unfortunately, this technology has not been used to its fullest potential. One way in which it can be used is to get donations from individuals who are unwilling or unable to donate online. The advantages of SMS campaigns include:

Low cost

Nonprofit text message marketing costs much less than direct mail or phone calls because each message is charged at a lower rate than other types of communications. Every message typically costs US $0.05 for text messaging.


SMS and phone numbers can be delivered instantly via a variety of channels. This gives the campaign more time to reach more people on the same day or if necessary, at the same time. SMS can achieve open rates of 99% which is far higher than email, which typically has an open rate of 20%.

Safety and privacy

SMS messages are safe from a third-party interception because they are sent through a cell phone and not a computer server, thus making it harder for hackers to obtain special information from the message.

Measure ROI

SMS campaigns can be measured accurately and have a high ROI rate. For example, if a campaign goal is to raise money for an event or for donations and the target is $500, then the amount of money received can be calculated easily.


Sending out SMS messages always has the same look and feel so as long as the format is consistent and recognizable it will always be effective. This is because consistency builds brand recognition.


SMS text messaging is personal because it can be done through cell phones and allows an individual to directly communicate with the campaign’s recipient. Personalization is effective especially when individuals are interested in the product or service being offered.

Wide reach

SMS campaigns reach people globally. For example, a campaign to promote a store’s location in an African country might reach millions of individuals for the promotion.

SMS marketing is the major source of fundraising for most non-profit organizations and is used because it has many advantages over other forms of fundraising. Compared to online donations, donations from SMS are faster and cheaper. An individual can be reached immediately with a text message and can reply at all hours of the day through text, email, or web messaging.

SMS text messaging comes in many forms. For example, one can use it to send out a reminder for an event or as a thank you message after someone attends the event or donates to the organization. With this being said, one of the most important aspects of SMS text messaging is that it can be done immediately and at any time; thus its effectiveness cannot only be used as an immediate response but also as an immediate action as well.

There are several ways to effectively use SMS technology in your nonprofit work. The most effective method is to create a database of potential donors who are willing to make donations via text messaging. While creating this database, you must ensure that you have an opt-in/opt-out list for all messages that you send out. This will help ensure that you reach the targets most likely to donate on the same day or on the next few days after your initial communication regarding the need for donations.