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Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Officiant

Among the most crucial decisions, you will make when planning your wedding is the person who is going to officiate the ceremony. It is a demanding job, but somebody has to do it. A wedding officiant is a person who will be conducting the marriage ceremony asking the couples whether “they do,” so it is essential that you not only like the person but make sure they are able to give you the kind of event you are looking for. Use the tips shared below to choose the right wedding officiant for your big day and one who will ensure all goes well with the vows.

First, you should seek to know the legal obligations in the state you are getting married in. You need to ensure the entire marriage is legal. Therefore, get to know what is required by the law in your state before you go ahead to hire someone to preside your wedding. You will be all set if you decide to opt for someone who marries people for a living, such as a justice of the peace or a religious leader however if you plan to use your relative as a wedding officiant you need to be aware of all the legal requirements in your state. It is not in every state that people who are ordained online can officiate a wedding.

The kind of ceremony you are having will dictate the wedding officiant you will hire. Do you plan to have a secular or religious wedding ceremony? If you are conducting a religious ceremony in a church, a priest will be the ideal officiant. However, if you want to take your vows outside the church, you have so many options ranging from your kindergarten teacher, friends, uncles, and even friends. Hence, before you start contemplating the person who will officiate your wedding, think of the kind of ceremony you wish to have.

Regardless of whether you are having a religious or secular wedding, you need to take into account the style for the ceremony. You can either choose to do your wedding the traditional way or add your features and make it entirely your own. After realizing how you want your vows to be conducted, think about who will be willing to update and bend the rules to suit your needs. Some wedding officiants will be ready to customize the vows to suit your preference, but others might be hesitant, so be wise when choosing what you want.

You should decide how long you want the ceremony to take. If you want your event to take a long time, you can choose your most outspoken relative to conduct it as they will be thorough. However, if you want a low key and short ceremony, you can ask your less chatty friend or sibling to do it as they will make it brief. So, think of a time frame for your event and create a list of prospective people who might be the ideal candidates to make the magic happen within that time.

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