Feb 8, 2017

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Birthday Gifts For Horse Lovers

I have been a horse lover for a long time. It is something that I have been passionate about for many years. I got my first horse when I was thirteen years old. My grandparents bought it for me and brought it to my house. I was so excited that they got me a horse.

He was a Paint that they had found in the hills of Tennessee and had brought to me. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to finally have a horse of my own.

His name was Spike and he was amazing. He was sweet and beautiful. Just a like a horse that came out of a magazine. However, as time went on and I got older, school activities began taking up a lot of my time so I had to let him go.

And while I gave him up, I have never gave up my love for horses. Still to this day, I am in love with horses. So when people as me what they can get me for my Birthday, I always suggest that they take a look at Lost Envelope.

Horse Lover Gifts

At Lost Envelope, you can find some of the very best birthday gifts for horse lovers. They have a large list of different gift ideas to get for someone that is obsessed with horses.

They have compiled a list that has some of the best gifts that you can find online all in one place. Plus, the prices of these gifts are not that expensive, so you end up saving a ton of money on all of the gifts that you choose to purchase.

They have something for every age and every gender. That is why I always suggest that people look at this site when they are looking for ideas of things to get me for my birthday.

They have the best birthday gift ideas for horse lovers.

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Feb 3, 2017

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The best pima cotton sheets of 2017

Buying bed sheets for your home is something that everyone will have to do at some point in their lives. You can purchase your bed sheets from your local shopping center and take the cheap way out if you would like. However, if you do choose that route, you will end up having to replace those bed sheets in just a few short months.

That is why you should always make sure that when you buy bed sheets, that you are getting the best of the best. After all, you spend a lot of time in your bed beneath your bed sheets. So why wouldn’t you want to make sure that you are sleeping on the best bed sheets available.

Pima Cotton

Over the years, I have learned which bed sheets are better than others. One of the most valuable lessons that I have learned is that Pima cotton bed sheets are the best bed sheets that anyone can purchase.

Now, they are not as expensive as Egyptian Cotton bed sheets, but they are nice bed sheets that will last you a long time if you wash them properly and according the instructions that come with the bed sheet set.

You can find more about pima cotton bed sheets by clicking The 5 Best Pima Cotton Sheets Sets of 2017 – Bedspace.net. Here you can find a ton of different bed sheets that you will love. You will also be able to choose the thread count and color that best fits your needs and wants.

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Feb 2, 2017

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The Best Towel Warmers On The Market Today

The Best Towel Warmers On The Market Today

One of the highest forms of luxury is being able to sustain heat even in the chilly times of winter. It may not mean a lot to some, but it can mean a lot if your home is warm and toasty in the later months of the year. The heat provided from your home is something to be enjoyed, but when use it in specific ways, a new door opens! There are items out there to increase the pleasures of everyday life just from heating up some of your favorite garments to bath sheets, towels and even removing wrinkles from pima cotton. One of those things is a towel warmer.

What is a towel warmer?

A towel warmer does exactly what the name implies—it warms your towels! No one enjoys the feel of a cold towel right after a nice, warm shower. Professional barbers and hair stylists often employ towel warmers to further comfort their patrons, whether it’s placing them on their face or placing them around their neck. Mostly imbued with electricity, metal or enclosed spaces are warmed with the electrical current or with steam. The towels inside will absorb the heat. Keep in mind that you can warm a lot more than towels—robes, sheets, and blankets are also a viable option!

They come in many different forms, whether they are containers or metal bars to better transfer heat. The containers and cabinets are easiest to deal with, considering all you have to do is plug them up and wait. Bars are sometimes more difficult—they sometimes need to be hard-wired into the wall. Electricians can do this with ease, though it might take a bit more funds to install it.

Which to choose?

It depends on preference, in all honesty. The containers can be easy to use, but the electric steel bars can supply a nice aesthetic of a towel rack in your bathroom (or hair dressing and barber shop). The towel-heating containers can warm towels easier, but it shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes to supply warmth to towels of different sizes. Turn your restroom into a sauna! We’ve listed a few of the best ones here.

Elite Hot Towel Cabi-Warmer

This single-towel warmer is a great start for anyone who may want to try it out. It can contain many smaller facial towels or one large bath towel. It is relatively smaller than some, but it can provide the same comfort as the larger ones or bars. It heats up the towels to about 150-160F degrees and takes about 20-30 minutes to warm up. Be sure to moisten your towels before using it!

Brookstone Towel Warmer

This extra-large design container can heat two large towels at once. Keep in mind that larger towels can take a bit longer to warm, though! This towel warmer comes with a timer, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off after your shower or during your relaxation time. It doesn’t take up much floor space and plugs into a regular outlet.

Sharndy Electric Towel Warmer Curve Towel Bars

These towel bars are an excellent addition to any bathroom. The curved bars keep your towels warm and dry if need be, and comes in both a plug-in and a hard-wired option. Its electric consumption is low at only 40W and warms up to 104-120F degrees. Not only can you warm up towels, but you can put gloves, scarves, and facial towels on it as well. It’s a great item for keeping yourself warm.

Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet Towel Cabi

This single-towel warming cabinet can warm up a lot of facial towels or one larger bath towel. It will heat them in about 20 minutes up to around 160F degrees. My own hair dresser uses this cabinet! It’s not too large and doesn’t take up much space. It comes with a drip tray and two shelves, supplying an equal and thorough warm through any towel you may put in it. It is one of the best!

Amba Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer

This curved-bar towel warmer is a hardwired one, but it comes with the option of an installation as well. It is made of stainless steel and quickly heats up. Both horizontal bars and the middle bars all heat up and make for great, additional ways to heat up more than just your towels. There is a discreet on/off switch to turn on the heat.

Amba Free Standing Plug-In Towel Warmer

If you don’t want to go with the hardwired installation, Amba also provides a plug-in version that stands up on its own. If you don’t want to deal with hanging it or dealing with electricians, this is the perfect towel warmer for you. Composed of stainless steel, this rack will look great in your bathroom. It only takes about 5 minutes to get hot and it’ll take another 10-15 minutes to get your towels warm. They’ll be ready when you finish your shower!

Lightinthebox Stainless Steel Towel Warmer

This smaller towel rack is a stainless steel, wall-mounted warmer. It can be plugged into the wall with its coiled cord, making it easy to turn on and off. Its stainless steel aesthetic will tie your bathroom together well enough and supply you with heated towels within 20 minutes to about 120F degrees. It makes a great addition to any bathroom and keeps your towels and other garments warm through your shower and bath times.

Hudson Reed Hydronic Towel Warmer

This beautiful towel warmer is one of the most beautiful on the market. The chrome color of the brass bars is unmatched and the use of hydronics keeps your bathroom and towels warm. While it is a bit more on the expensive side, it is hard to find a better warmer than this one. This also requires some installation, but the end result gives your bathroom a beautiful, unique look that will separate your aesthetic from everyone else.

Virtu USA Towel Warmer

Want a shelf with your towel warmer? This towel warmer has you covered. While it is non-heated, the shelf can hold the towels that you need if you’re not warming any. This chrome-colored stainless steel warms up in about 10 minutes, providing you with heated towels in about 15-20 minutes, depending on their size. It is simply wall-mounted and can be plugged in.

Myson 12-Bar Wall Mount Towel Warmer

Myson comes with us with a massive 12-bar wall mount for those with a bigger family or those that want more towels to warm themselves up with. It is relatively easy to install and provides a quick 20-minute heat up for up to four or five towels at a time. It comes with a two-year warranty and looks great in any bathroom.

Warmly Yours 4-Bar Towel Warmer

While aesthetically pleasing, this towel warmer is a beautiful addition to the bathroom. It provides warmth within 10 minutes and your towels will be warm 10 minutes after that. This wall mount swivels around, making it easier for you to place and grab your warmed towels after you shower (or whenever you wish). It plugs into the wall and has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Paragon Medium Capacity Towel Warmer

Paragon comes to us with a larger towel warming cabinet that will supply a larger family (or business) with warm towels for hours. This cabinet can hold up to 72 facial towels or a few larger bath towels. They will be warmed in a matter of minutes. It has a two shelves and a drip tray, making it easier to clean. If a part becomes worn down, the manufacturer can replace them.

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Dec 16, 2016

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Where Can I find an Egyptian cotton Duvet cover and sheet set?

Shopping for anything that is Egyptian cotton is hard. There are so many people and companies out there claiming to have real genuine Egyptian cotton products when in reality, they are just cheap knockoffs. That is why it is important to make sure that when you are searching for Egyptian cotton products like Egyptian cotton duvet covers and Egyptian cotton bed sheets, you try not to be a cheap shopper.

I also advice that you know where to look. I searched for a long time before I found an Egyptian cotton website that offered a variety of different products like the Egyptian cotton bed sheets in a variety of different colors and designs. And trust me, they have the best king size Egyptian cotton sheet sets you have ever seen in your entire life.

Here Is Where To Look

So, if you are looking to find not just any Egyptian cotton bed sheet and duvet cover, then you should take a look at Luxury of the Pharaohs. They have some of the best Egyptian cotton products that I have ever owned. Not to mention, their prices were not to expensive, but not cheap enough to be a knock off.

You can read here to learn more.



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Oct 21, 2016

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Get Rid of Fitted Sheets With QuickZip

Going to bed at night is one of the few true comforts that is available to everybody without cost being a significant factor. Having a good night’s sleep, however, is a different proposition. With people more stressed today than at any point in recent history it is becoming more and more difficult for people to get the sleep that they desperately need. In order to get the sleep you need conditions must be perfect and that mean the sheet needs to be perfect as well.

Fitted Sheets Are a Problem

At the end of the day nobody likes dealing with fitted sheets. They are a pain in the neck because you always have to get into a wrestling match with your mattress before you finally get the sheet wrapped around. This can add an extra two to three minutes to your nightly routine. Making things worse is that when you wake up in the morning you know there is a high probability of waking up and finding that the sheet has come undone. With a fitted sheet there is no winning and no quick hop in the bed to get some sleep. What you need is the QuickZip.



The biggest feature that the QuickZip offers you is convenience. It is a sheet that totally encases your mattress. This sounds like a difficult task, right? The good news is that you only have to wrap your mattress once because at the top of the sheet is a zipper where you can unzip the top of the sheet, the part that you sleep on. When you need to change the sheet all you do is unzip the top sheet and throw the new one on. This can be done in less than a minute. You can learn more about how it works at Sunflower Press.

Different Sizes

The QuickZip system comes in different sizes for different types of beds. This means that getting your kid to make their bed can become a far simpler solution than arguing with them to get them to put a new fitted sheet on. Having one more argument free night where your kid is able to do their chore is going to get you enough sleep as it is. You can even use it to introduce making the bed to any younger children that you may have since the QuickZip sheet system is so easy to use.

The QuickZip system brings about a measure of comfort and convenience that was not previously at your disposal. You can get the sleep you need without the seemingly endless amount of preparation that goes into getting ready for bed. You will be able to get the sleep that you deserve without waking up to your sheet wrapped around you. The QuickZip just might be the perfect sheet for you.

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