How Signs & Stickers Can Be Used to Market Local Businesses

Not Driving Enough Traffic to Your Business?

With any local business it can be difficult to generate foot traffic or awareness of your store or company. Most local businesses rely on word-of-mouth and local SEO or digital marketing. Both of which can be very helpful and effective but for companies located in a large city, it may be a bit trickier.

Brick and mortar stores, for instance, can generate a lot of their business when located in a busy area or in the perfect location. Sometimes just being in the right place is enough to drive business via foot traffic. In other cases you may need to take a more aggressive approach to marketing your local business.

A Good Sign Can Go a Long Way

These days, with marketing, there are so many options to help drive business to your store. There’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, social media advertising, SEO, local business listings and more. These can all be effective at building brand awareness and driving business but sometimes the simpler options are just as good.

A survey shows that nearly 76{41a7ce18e578185e556b0ecc317a5abb5f5498a77f04bea1d1dff1eb1f7e0b67} of consumers would visit a store they’ve never been to before solely because of the signage. Alternatively, 60{41a7ce18e578185e556b0ecc317a5abb5f5498a77f04bea1d1dff1eb1f7e0b67} of respondents say the lack of storefront signage is a strong enough deterrent to keep them from shopping at a store.

Stickers, Decals & Other Signage

A good sign can clearly affect your local business and is important in determining the success of your company. Additionally, though, it can also be …