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ADVANTAGES OF BRANDING A USB New and existing companies use all the marketing effort possible in order to penetrate the market for its new product, cut a niche for company brand, expand existing market share or the objective may be to have a competitive edge over other competitors in similar industry. The various objectives can be achieved by creating an internal marketing department that is meant to spearhead the tasks needed to accomplish the goal. Additionally, companies may choose to contract external marketing experts like marketing consultants and public relations firms that are intended to help drive sales for the company besides meeting the objective that the company aspires. However, for starts and even existing companies that do not have the necessary financial muscle can have real challenges due to the high costs associated with the marketing efforts. Irrespective of a company or a business start-up having limited resources, there are other marketing techniques that can be used and still achieve the intended objectives. All that is need is some little innovation with available resources and the gains can be enormous. One such marketing campaign can be done through the use of custom flash drives. Given that not all companies have the financial muscle to run a serious campaign, a company may become a little innovative and use simple but cost effective media like custom USB. For purposes of reducing the promotional budget, a company management may resolve to acquire promo flash drives with low capacity like one GB and distribute them strategically to the target customers and still make an impact. In view that the general principle is to have brand exposure, promo flash drives will still serve the purpose. Another the benefit of using a custom flash drive is that you can be able to put a logo or company colors to the USB. This helps a lot in brand exposure as the customer moves around with the flash drive. Further, the impact can be enhanced for a longer period by simply engraving the logo to the usb. Another considered advantage of custom USB is that the promo flash drives can be presented as gifts to family members, friends, best-performing employees and loyal customers. Irrespective of the recipient the gain is on the brand exposure occasioned by the action. Moreover, promo flash drive can be made in different styles, shapes, dimensions and different materials like wooden USB which has a friendly feel or leather which present mature style and color that represent the brand. All these approaches are ideal for business promotion. In conclusion, it is very easy to differentiate the custom USB from the rest because of the unique identity.

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