Feb 2, 2017

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The 11 Best Hand Dryers That Are Tough As Nails

The 11 Best Hand Dryers That Are Tough As Nails

Washing your hands is a must in this day and age, especially after going to the restroom. It’s a health code, after all.

While paper towels and cloth towels are a fine choice, there are other ways to get your hands dry.

Whether it’s in your home or for a business, a hand dryer is the best option for anyone.

With the push of a button and a few seconds of air, your hands will be free of moisture. This is a comfort feature for customers and maybe family, just as important as the sheets on your bed, your baby’s bed and a quality towel warmer to keep customers or family feeling refreshed, relaxed and clean.

Which dryer is best?

Most of the older dryers you find in bathrooms are loud and noisy while just blowing water off.

The latest ones are relatively quiet and the best ones evaporate the water directly from your skin.

These can be used in your own personal bathroom or in your business with public bathrooms.

Most of them attach to walls or plug in relatively easily, but some are required to be hardwired into the walls.

It’s preference as to which ones you want—some even have censors so no buttons need to be pressed. Just put your hands beneath them and let the air flow.

Make your family, customers, or employees happy with a proper hand dryer in their bathrooms.

Penson & Co. Instant Heat & Dry Hand Dryer

This hand dryer will instantly heat up and dry your wet hands. It has a luxurious silver-finished look and is one of the most eco-friendly dryers on the market.

While being a best-seller, it is easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware that one may need for placing it on a wall.

Great for businesses and homes alike.

Excel Dryer XLERATOReco Hand Dryer

This hand dryer is one of the stronger ones on the market. It is a powerful no-heat hand dryer that can dry hands in 15 seconds or less.

It is highly environmentally friendly with no heating element. Its nozzle is fitted with noise reduction, making it more silent than most. It is one of the best commercial hand dryers available.

Tek Motion Stainless Steel Hand Dryer

Being stainless steel and powerful 1800 watts, this hand dryer is one of the best. The powerful burst of air will have your hands dried in a matter of 10-12 seconds.

It is elegant and sleek, coming in a mirror finish. It has a noise reduction nozzle, making it optimal to reduce the blasting sounds that come from it.

It is automatic, so all you have to do is place your hands beneath it.

Tek Motion Mini Hand Dryer

Also from Tek Motion, this hand dryer a smaller and compact version of the listing above.

It comes with the power that most know from Tek Motion hand dryers, but packs as big of a punch as the others.

It is quiet and dries hands in as little as 12 seconds. It is easy to install and is simple to mount on the wall, making it one of the more user-friendly dryers.

FCH Household & Hotel Hand Dryer

Smaller and more compact than most other hand dryers, this bathroom companion is one of the best when it comes to at-home use.

Towels will be a thing of the past when it comes to this dryer. It is ideal for professional salon, public, and home uses.

While it may take 20-30 seconds to dry your hands, you won’t be disappointed. The compact size will do wonders for you.

Palmer Fixture Hand Dryer

If you’re one for a more traditional-style hand dryer, this one is the pick for you. With a sleek chrome body, this will be a perfect fit for any restroom in the home or business.

The sensitive censor will activate the dryer with ease, making it less frustrating and less time waving at it to do its job.

It is hardwired, so you’ll need an electrician to install it, but it is well worth it!

American Dryer Automatic Hand Dryer

This small, compact hand dryer packs a punch. Smaller than most of the other dryers, this will still provide a hard blast of air to dry your hands in a matter of seconds.

The dryer configures itself to the supplied voltage, making it very easy to install.

Paper and linens will be a thing of the past with this dryer, especially if you don’t have time to set up more. Its automatic censor will turn it on for 35 seconds at a time or until the hands are removed.

World Dryer SLIMdri Hand Dryer

One of the more sleek and thin hand dryers, you won’t find yourself bumping into this one very much.

Its slim design will keep it closer to the wall while still providing the same power as the others.

It has a silver antimicrobial compound infused in the internal plastics to prevent bacteria and mold growth.

World Dryer SMARTdri Hand Dryer

Also from World Dryer, this smaller, more compact hand dryer is high-powered and will dry your hands in a matter of 10 seconds or less.

The “SMARTdri” comes in with energy conservation, making it one of the more eco-friendly hand dryers even though it is powerful.

The small size is perfect for the home or for the restaurant or hotel. It doesn’t take up much room, but still provides more power than most.

Dyson Hand Dryer

This sleek, futuristic hand dryer is nothing short of amazing. Its aesthetic is one of the best we’ve seen and can add class to any restroom, whether if it’s in the home or out in public.

Not only is it small and beautiful, but it is one of the quietest while providing a powerful hand drying up to 12 seconds.

While on the expensive side, it is one of the highest-rated hand dryers on the market.

Blue Storm High Speed Hand Dryer

Blue Storm comes to us with a beautiful, sleek hand dryer that dries your hands in a matter of a few seconds.

It is GreenSpec listed, meaning it is one of the most eco-friendly hand dryers on the market. It saves energy by automatically shutting down after a short period of time.

It is made of stainless steel and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Save time and money with this beautiful hand dryer, whether or not it’s in your home, office, or other public bathroom.