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Finding My Groove
Lately, I've allowed myself to fall into a crazy pattern of work.  I drop off canvases and pick up orders on Tuesday because the shop isn't open on Monday.  Years ago, the lady (and I mean that word in the true sense) who ran the shop began closing on Mondays because working six days a week was too much for her.  Now, the lady (same definition) who runs it uses Mondays to run her other business. 

So I allow myself to take Tuesday afternoon for running errands and Wednesday to relax.

My relaxation involved trying to tackle a slew of non work related projects, although some of them are very much like work.  Hey, don't hate me because my 'work' is fun.

Unfortunately, having an addictive and compulsive personality, once I get started on a project, I really like to keep going.  When I'm really in a groove, it seems like a shame to yank myself out of it and force myself back into a different groove.

So I try to get too much done every day.

This will make my kids LTAO because they think all I do all day is play Spider.

No, kids; spider helps me clear my palate between projects. 

Lately, I've been trying to get a story I wrote years ago ready to publish on Kindle (a genre much smaller than fantasy/sci fi so never mind) paint Josie's bedroom before she comes home for the summer, work out every day so I'm not the blimpiest at all the weddings I'm attending this summer, prepare for my trip to Texas to play with my Grand kids and get the bills paid.

I know this sounds like every woman's life but like I said: Addictive and compulsive.  I tend to work on one thing too long, then panic when I realize it's Saturday and I haven't filled a single order, then I paint like a fiend for three days, reducing my hand to a nonfunctional claw, then can't open it until the following Saturday, where the cycle starts over.

I have to paint a canvas for my mom before I leave town or she'll disown me.  I have drawings I need to get rendered and sent to my niece before she thinks I've lost my mind and wasn't serious about her project.  I need to stop worrying about the state of the world (handbasket express, in case you haven't noticed) and concentrate on the few small things I can actually have an effect on.

I have to learn to pace myself.

Yeah, like that's ever gonna happen.

So yesterday, after my great score at the estate sale, I went through my drawer full of watercolors.  I found two that fit in the smaller frames that I bought; 10X12, gold with 2" mats.  One is a painting I did in Duluth years ago and the other is of the turtle fountain at Lake Harriet.  They look great and I've hung them by my front door.  I hung the golf print as is.  I have several ideas for paintings to use that frame for but in the meantime, it's okay as is. 

Now I really have to get upstairs and get a coat of paint on Josie's wall.
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Earth Day, Peh.
Today is Earth Day.

I disdain 'earth day'.

I feel exactly the same about earth day as I do about mother's day, father's day and valentines day.

You should be a good steward of the earth, honor your parents and tell your loved ones you love them every day of your life.

If you don't, you get no exoneration from remembering not to be a scab on humanity the other 364 days of the year.

I just got back from an estate sale.  I went with my parents.  Between the three of us, we bought two chairs, four frames, two kitchen pots and a piece of office furniture.  We spent under $190.00.  The least expensive of these items, bought new, would have run about $40. That's forty bucks at Marshalls; $90.00 at Macy's. The most expensive would have run between $500-$1500.  Maybe more, I don't know what a leather arm chair retails for these days.  I know that a high quality hanging file cabinet with fancy pulls would be around $400-$700 dollars.  I also know that a 30"X36" professionally constructed wooden frame with a gold finish and double matting would cost around $500.00.

So we saved a ton of money, got things that we needed or wanted and helped our neighbors unload stuff they don't need.

Reuse, reduce, recycle.

We just think it's fun.

We were raised this way; get what you want as easily and cheaply as you can, learn to refinish old furniture (which is usually much better made than the new stuff) learn to remount paintings and pictures, and don't be afraid of someone else's kitchen utensils; soap and water can work miracles.

We were under no illusions about 'saving the planet'.  We didn't need to believe we were somehow saintly just because we reused things. 

This is why capitalism is the best economic system in the world; you don't have to try to save the planet, you can accomplish the same thing just by trying to save some money.  In other words, capitalism doesn't depend on people's innate goodness (of which we just might find out there's a very limited supply).  No, capitalism works simply by allowing people to look to their own self interest and by doing so, help out their neighbors and their neighborhoods at the same time.

And if the earth lives a few years longer because I can reuse a bunch of nice frames, so be it. 

I have a hunch ol' mother earth will be spinning on her axis long after we're all gone. 
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Good Friday, 2014
It's Good Friday already!

This lent flew by faster than any I remember.  I accomplished exactly none of the things I had hoped to do this lent.

I didn't read a bit of my Catechism every day.

I didn't get to the Stations of the Cross.

I didn't write a piece about Lent that I've been thinking about for over a year.

I didn't watch the Passion of the Christ, or The Gospel of John, two CDs that I own just for that reason.  There's still time, of course.  And I did go see "God Isn't Dead", so my movie watching hasn't been totally frivolous.

I didn't exercise every day, although I did a fairly decent job until my back spasm.

I didn't finish painting Josie's room but I will finish it before I leave town.

I did subscribe to a wonderful Lenten contemplation that showed up in my inbox every day with a  pithy few paragraphs on different aspects of how to make my soul just a little bit better this lent.

I did give up chocolate, which for me translates into most sweets.  If it's not chocolate, what's the point?

I ate meat one Friday because I thought it was Thursday.  Now that I have no kids who go to school around, it's harder to keep track of the days than I thought it would be.

And one day, I ate chocolate but only one tiny...okay, two tiny pieces and I got a Molly dispensation to do it.

Here's what happened; My niece Meg, who has been in Europe for months, came home.  Yay!  She brought along some Belgian chocolates to share.  We all got together at her parents house to welcome her home and watch a Sherlock Marathon.  I declined the chocolates, when my niece Molly said "It's a special occasion!  How often does Meg come home?  And those chocolates aren't going to be around on Easter.  EAT ONE."

So I did.

If you knew Molly, you'd know that she's not a girl to argue with.  Ever.

The Sherlock party was a blast, btw.  MJ and KatieP had just finished season two (Sherlock fakes his death at the end) so we all wanted to watch season 3 together, since it's the best season yet.  That's the beauty of only three episodes per season; you can power watch it in one night.

Our plan was a big dinner (it was delicious!  KatieM can cook!) topped by Belgian chocolates (Yay, Meg's back!) then Sherlock starting at 6:00.  We'd be done by 10:30; early enough for those of us who have tiny kids  who wake up at the crack of dawn or jobs that require attendance in the a.m.

We would've succeeded but we ran into some brief technical difficulty.  It was quickly overcome but with our slightly later start than planned, we didn't' finish the second episode (John and Mary's wedding) until just after 10:00.

That meant if we'd pushed on and finished, no one would have gotten to bed before midnight.  We're not a bunch of college kids.  As the only Grandma in the group and self employed, to boot, I'm the only one who can stay up all night watching Sherlock if I want.

Oh, yes, I always want.

But I gave the disk to my daughter so she can watch the final ep, then she'll give it to MJ.

That last episode is a DOOZY.

Oh, yes; one more mile stone occured this Lent: I acquired a Grand son! 

In a few weeks, I'll head down to Texas to meet him and begin my quest to become his favorite.  It's my mission in life and the outcome is questionable; the competition is as fierce as can be. 

My nemesis has a farm with animals

All I have to offer is hundreds of cousins.   It's daunting.  I can't even buy their affection with cookies; my nemesis makes the best banana bread the world has ever seen.  I want to be the favorite grandma but I'm aware that I may be third.

Oh, yes; my own kids told me years ago that as long as Grandma Punkin is around, I'll never take first place. 

Like I said; the competition is fierce.


If I'd had a better Lent and by that I mean made a better person of myself, would I even be thinking this way? 

Grandmothering is not a competition!

Unless we get a boat.  I'll totally win if we get a boat.
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I Give it a Year
I'd never seen this movie.  My daughter Katie recommended it to me and since I just finished the first season of THe Americans, I needed something to watch.

This movie stars the hot chick from Bridesmaids and The Mentalist.  I believe his name is Simon Baker and as far as I'm concerned, he's a poor man's Jude Law.

You know how I feel about Jude Law? 

If that's what you find attractive, you may as well like girls.

I've never liked the pretty blond boy template.  I made a very brief exception for Brad Pitt after Thelma and Louise but I've been over him since the mid nineties.

Fortunately, I Give it a Year doesn't depend on the attractiveness of any of it's stars to be successful.

It's simply hilarious.

The premise is so simple I can't believe no one has done it like this before; What happens when a couple buys into their own whirlwind romance and gets married even when all their family and friends can see that they're completely ill suited?

She's a high powered ad executive, working in down town London.  He's a novelist.  At first, they find each other exotic and fascinating.  Very quickly, she stops laughing at his jokes and he finds her inability to sing the correct lyrics irritating.

But the movie doesn't dwell on their deteriorating relationship; that wouldn't be funny.  Both of them work really hard on making their marriage work. Both of them resist enormous temptation when the real person of their dreams shows up.

The comedy works by simply milking every scene of it's humorous potential.

In the opening wedding montage, the bridal party sets off beautiful floating luminaries.  It's breathtaking!  Then, in the background of one wedding photo, we see one of the mini hot air balloons landing on a nearby shed and setting it aflame.  This is never noticed by anyone in the movie.

There's another scene, seven or eight months into the marriage where poor old Simon Baker, who doesn't know his ad-gal is married and has fallen madly in love with her (she thought she'd have a better shot at landing his account by flirting), tries to woo her with a romantic lunch.

Doves are involved.  

Doves are only romantic on paper.  Not so much in a conference room.   A conference room with a ceiling fan.

There are a few scenes that do stray into the too silly for words category but they are funny.  For instance, at Christmas, her parents give them a computerized frame and she immediately inserts the flash drive of their honeymoon photos.

When they get to the pictures of what they did late that night, after getting hammered at dinner, any normal person would have either yanked out the flash drive, turned the frame off or thrown it out the window.  These idiots do none of those rational things. But it's funny.  If you find horrific naked pictures funny.

Which I do.

Bottom line; I Give it a Year is a lot less raunchy than most of the soft core porn that Hollywood puts out under the guise of "Romantic Comedy" these days.  It's also a lot more romantic (it's not very romantic at all, only comparatively.) but most importantly, it puts the "Com" back in "Rom/Com" and that's something.

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Heimlich Maneuvering
I bit off more than I could chew last week.  I do that all the time.  My professional motto is: Bite off more than you can chew and you'll never go hungry!

Of course, you'll choke to death and die blue faced and gasping.

I look good in blue.

I didn't finish any of the side projects I started.  No biggie.  That's what makes them 'side projects' ; no deadline.

Of course, I want to finish Josie's bedroom before I leave for Texas in a few weeks.  She's coming home for summer while I'm gone and once she's back in the room, no painting will happen.

I also want to get the other thing I'm working on finished and out of my hair.  I have an opportunity to actually sell some of the dumbsh*t Fanfiction I've written.  OH yes!  I'm that big a dork!  Never let anyone say otherwise!  

Years ago, I wrote an ending for the TV show Veronica Mars (because I couldn't sleep with the show just dangling the way it was.)  When the movie was released, permission was granted to publish FF on the show on Kindle.  So...

But I need to get it done because I'm so tired of it.  I have new things I'd rather be working on.

I spent so much time trying to get one project finished and another started last week that Saturday rolled around and I hadn't gotten any orders filled.  I can't afford to not get a paycheck so I dedicated the next three days to needlepoint.  Unfortunately, my newly scrubbed computer had a few kinks in it I didn't' know how to handle.   Now, I could have just messed around clicking on things until my computer and the printer recognized each other again but since that's how I ended up needing my computer cleaned out last weekend, I didn't think that was the smartest move.

So I asked Jay to do it instead.

He's usually very happy to show off his mad computer skills for me (he knows it gets me hot.)

But the Masters was on.


Ahem.  That would be me.

He complained but he did it.

And he didn't even wait until Bubba had finished!

It's no wonder I love the man.

I have to get ready for Easter, which this year is easy;  none of the out of town kids are coming back.  Due to time, money and jobs, they just can't.  I'll miss them but I understand; such is life.  so this year, we'll just pretend that Katie is an only child.  Yay, Katie!!  And Adam, although he'll count for a lot more next year, when they're married.  Yay, Adam!!

I will not miss hiding Easter Eggs.  I've been trying to get out of that chore for years.

Now it's time to go finish the first corner of Josie's room.  I hope my back holds up. 
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Ups and Downs
It's been a swell few days.

We had some lovely springlike weather last week and all the snow was gone.  Then, on Friday we got 8-10 fresh inches of snow.

It was beautiful, blanketing everything in a clean, velvety smooth layer of winter.  Jay had to use the big snowblower.

Half the new snow had melted away by Saturday afternoon.  My mom and I hit a couple of estate sales.  I bought some costume jewelry for $3.00 at the first and went into back spasms at the second.

I've never had back spasms before.

They're not as much fun as I would have hoped.

One second, I'm standing there just standing there ! minding my own business and the next, it feels like some giant, invisible hand has reached into my low back and squeezed the life out of me.

It wasn't as painful as a charleyhorse but I did have to sit down, as my legs lost all ability to support my weight.

After the initial shock, I was able to stand.  In fact, standing didn't hurt too much and walking felt great.  Sitting was very uncomfortable but laying down flat was fine so after icing my back I was able to sleep just fine.  It probably helps that we have a great, memory foam mattress.

Sunday morning, my computer was invaded with a virus.  Like my back, that could have been much, much worse.  I took it to my computer guy and two days and a few bucks (totally worth it!) and I've got my laptop back and lost none of my files.  Sure, it took Jay two hours to figure out how to get our music catalog back on ITunes but it was worth it to salvage the thousands of songs in our library.  

Monday, I had no computer so I ran errands and worked all day.  I was so worried about a particular file that I had almost finished when the computer froze up that I didn't realize until dinner time that my back pain was gone.  Completely gone! Unfortunately, I realized this about the same time I realized that I'd lost an order, which included a drawing done by the customer's grand daughter.  In 40 years of doing this, I've never lost an order (or I've repressed the memory, if I have) but I tore my office apart and couldn't find this one.

Tuesday, I dropped of my work and searched my inbox at the shop to see if I'd inadvertently left the order there.  No such luck.  Later, I searched Jay's car because I'd been driving it when I picked up the missing order.  Nope.

Then, again because I had no computer so couldn't do any of the online things I do to sharpen my ax (that means play Spider) I decided to tackle a project I want to complete before Josie comes home for the summer; paint her bedroom.

Her room is a lovely sky blue with lavender trim.  It was great when she was young but now she's ready for something more sophisticated.  She chose a color and it's going to look great.  But over the years, she has 'decorated' the blue walls.  These bits need to be primed over before I can paint.

So I moved her furniture away from the first wall and primed away!  

Then I got a call from my computer guy that all was well and I could pick up the laptop.

Then Jay made me strawberry pancakes for dinner. While he was flappin' jacks in the kitchen, I went back up to my office to search for the missing order one more time.  I said the prayer to St. Anthony; 
Dear St. Anthony, come around; there's something lost that must be found.

I had gotten to the word 'something' when my eye was drawn to an order that I'd canceled; it included some large drawings and canvas samples.  I picked it up and unfolded it and sure enough; the missing order sheets fluttered out.  St. Anthony has never let me down.  The fact that I searched for three days without remembering to ask for his help is a testament to my own idiocy.

In retrospect, I was probably jumping the gun by moving furniture yesterday; this morning my back is sore again.  

But my computer is fine!
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God Isn't Dead
God Isn't Dead is a fun little movie based on the great philosophical conundrum; prove the unprovable. 
The movie follows several characters who are attached somehow to a small, liberal arts college.  The main story centers on a Christian freshman who finds himself challenging his atheist philosophy professor over the  assertion that God is dead, so we're not going to waste any time on that argument.  The student disagrees so the professor gives him twenty minutes at the end of three class periods to make his case and then the class, all of whom signed statements agreeing with the professor's point of view, would act as the jury, deciding whether the freshman had made his case or not.

I remember my intro to philosophy course back in the ancient mists of time.  My professor told us the exact opposite thing; he said that to be mistaken in one's disbelief of God would have terrible consequences but to be mistaken in one's belief would have none, therefore it was only wise and prudent to at least behave as if one believed.

My thought was that to stand up and say "We're not going to discuss the possibility that there is a God" is the most anti-philosophical stand one can take.  IT's the greatest, most important question man can ask of the universe.  To take it off the table and call oneself a philosopher would be like puncturing your eardrums and calling yourself a musician.

In addition to that story line there are several others, all of whom wine up being intertwined; the Muslim girl in the cafeteria who has kept her conversion to Christianity a secret from her father;  The transfer student from the People's Republic of China; the girl taking care of her mother with dementia; the high powered business executive and his lefty  reporter girl friend who just found out she has inoperable cancer.

The two worst people in the movie are the only actors I've ever seen before; Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain.

We know them as Hercules and Superman.

They both do an excellent job of making their characters seem
real, while maintaining their nastiness.

Halfway through the movie, we find out that the girl taking care of her elderly mom is Dean Cain's sister and Kevin Sorbo's girl friend and unlike both of the men, she is as devout a Christian as the freshman arguing for God's existence and the Muslim girl who chooses Jesus over her family.

I was a little worried about that particular plot thread but the Muslim family is treated with respect.  After throwing his daughter out of the house, the father collapses in tears, heartbroken as any devout parent would be to discover his child has utterly rejected the religion she was raised in.  It could have been much worse.  That's not what this movie is about.

There's a very funny bit concerning the young pastor who runs the Christian church near campus and a visiting missionary from Africa. 

There were moments when the movie felt like an After-School-Special but not too many.  There's a dinner party scene I really identified with, not that our academic friends are ill mannered boobs but we all know people just like that.

I did tell Jay afterwards that all the Christians depicted in the movie were much better at it than I am, as I would have reacted VERY DIFFERENTLY to a lot of the situations.

I think my favorite scene in the movie is when Superman finally goes to visit his mom, whom he has ignored since, in his words "she doesn't even know who I am."

He sits in her house and says in effect "You've never done anything wrong in your life and look what happened to you.  I'm the meanest man on earth and my life is perfect.  Explain that."

In a moment of complete lucidity, his mother does exactly that in such a manner at to leave him staring, open mouthed.  Then she looks him in the eye, smiles and says "Who are you, again?"

The movie ends with cheers, redemption and music.

If you're looking for an entertaining movie you can watch with your kids, I recommend God Isn't Dead.
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Livin' Like Retirees
In order to get the taste of The Wolf of Wall Street out of our mouths, noses, eyes and memories, Jay and I went to a few other movies last week.  His schedule is packed early in the week so his afternoons are free later.  I, of course, can take as much time off as I want, as long as I don't care about making any money.

Plus, weekday matinees are less expensive.  We went and saw Philomena, starring Steve Coogan and Judie Dench. 

Yeah, yeah, I'd heard it was a Catholic Church bash fest.  I'd also heard that Frozen was a hymn to lesbianism. 

Philomena is the tale of a woman who had a baby out of wedlock in Ireland in the 1950s.  She went to a 'Magdelene', which is a Catholic convent that housed these girls and their children until such a time as the kids were adopted.  The movie is about Philomena's search for the son she gave up fifty years ago.

"Gave up?" some will cry.  "You mean forced to give up!"

It's very easy in our enlightened age to pretend that social norms haven't changed.  They have.  Back in the '50s, '60s and even into the 70s, girls who found themselves in that situation rarely (never) considered keeping their babies.  A never married woman with a bastard (yes, they were really refered to that way) child would have had a terribly difficult life.  It's as easy to say "Well, they should have had a choice!" as it is to say "Liberace should have been open about his sexuality; he'd have been a role model!" No, he would have been denied an opportunity to work and probably been thrown in jail.

Times have changed.   You have to know a little history and have bit of imagination to understand how much.

I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to give up your child but folks have been making this sacrifice so that their kids could have a better life since Moses mom put him in a reed basket and set him adrift.  Making this sacrifice for our kids is part of what makes us parents.

It would be easy (as a Catholic) to take offense at the tone of the movie but like most easy choices, it would also be wrong.

Yes, times were harsh for those who stepped out of the acceptable social norms.  Yes, the Church has been guilty of behaving in ways that seem (are) cruel to its flock.  Yes, the priesthood and all holy orders have seen their share of venal, mean (evil) people.  In that respect, the Catholic Church is no different from every other institution populated by human beings.

Based on Jesus own experience we can assume one in twelve who take Holy Orders probably don't belong there.

The story centers around Philomena (Dench) and a journalist (Coogan) who trace her son's life after he was adopted at the age of 4.

The performances were very good, the script was tight and every scene moved the story forward.  For every anti-Catholic screed the atheist journalist rants, Philomena provides a counter balance of a faithful Catholic, finally telling him he's a "F****** Idiot."

In one of the final scenes, in which the journalist confronts the nasty nun who did everything she could to prevent Philomena from discovering the fate of her son, it's Philomena who ends the confrontation, telling the nun she is forgiven and boxing the journalist's ears. 

So I really had no problem with the 'Catholic bashing' in the film.  Throughout the history of the Church, it's members have often behaved in ways that deserved a little bashing.  The Church can handle it.

Just in case Philomena didn't completely wash the taste of the long, gross, dull, badly constructed WofWS, the very next afternoon, Jay and I went and saw a movie in which Superman and Hercules get their asses kicked by Jesus.

We had each only heard of "God isn't Dead" because the star, Kevin Sorbo, a local boy, has been on the radio lately, talking it up.

Apparently, the unassuming little movie has made a ton of money despite no publicity at all.


I just got cyber mugged!  I wrote that last line and a nasty little window popped up on my computer telling me the whole shootin' match was going up in flames if I didn't click 'yes'. I tried to close the window six times, then it closed out everything I was working on and the whole shootin' match went up in flames.

I'm now working on a different computer.

God Isn't Dead was good.

Peace out.

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The Wolf of Wall Street
Jay really wanted to see  The Wolf of Wall Street.  I don't know who recommended it to him but he shows very little interest in movies, so when he asked me to put it in my queue, I was more than happy to do so.

I loved it while Matthew Maconaughey was in it.  It was funny and fast paced with snappy dialogue.  Mr. Maconaughey disappeared after the first fifteen minutes and  it was all Johah Hill after that. 

Well, I can't say I wasn't warned.  I'd been told that this movie was awful.  I heard it was horrible people doing hideous things; images of fat, hairy, ugly people cavorting like animals.

It was worse.

In addition to too many scenes of naked ickiness, it was boring as hell.   I'm a female; boobs don't hold my interest.  Neither do ass cheeks. Debauchery like that depicted in this movie is like bowel movements; they might feel good when you're the one doing it but it's not something anyone else wants to watch.  Ever. I'm just very, very grateful I didn't pay good money to see this tedious thing in a theater.  After what felt like several hours, I finally couldn't contain myself any more.

"Aauugh!" I yelled. "This is so boring!  Every scene is five times longer than it should be."

"This is a bad movie." Jay immediately agreed. "But I kinda want to see them all die.  Fast forward."

We watched the second half of the movie by fast forwarding until it looked like something interesting might be happening. I've never seen a movie more in need of an editor.  At 2 hours and 59 minutes, it's at least an hour and half too long. The script has some good lines but to get to them, you have to sit through five pages of vomit and crotch shots.  The amusing bits were extended far past the point of being funny, to boring then full on irritating.  The scene in which Leo's character tries to crawl into his sports car while paralyzed by quaaludes we watched in 16X speed and it still took two minutes to get through.

If I'd seen this thing in a theater, I'd have left after the first hour and demanded my money back.

As it was, sitting at home, eating corn beef sandwiches and making fun of it with Jay, it was just bad.  Bad, bad bad.

Whoever recommended it to Jay is a sick moron who wouldn't know a bad movie if it stole their identity and gave them syphilis.

We could have watched two episodes of Sherlock in the time we wasted watching this dreck.

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Veronica Mars Movie

If you don't know what I'm talking about, stop reading.  Just move along as this will bore you to death.

If you do know what I'm talking about but haven't seen it yet and don't want it spoiled, stop reading.

It's been two weeks since the movie came out and I'm here to say that I LOVED IT.

Five of us went to see it together.  Due to work and school schedules, we couldn't go until Saturday night.  It was very hard to wait but we'd been waiting years, so what was one more day?

What's 180 days to us?

Ty and Megan streamed it opening night and called me when they were done.  Megan loved the show (Ty's never seen it) and she just wanted to tell me how she liked the movie.

Ty liked the movie too, but disagreed with his wife over one of the characters.
"Mom," he said, "Megan claims this Logan guy is as cool as Tim Riggins."

Now, for you Friday Night Lights fans, you know that Tim Riggins is a very cool character. 

But you Veronica Mars fans know what I told my son.

"Logan Echolls would eat Tim Riggins' lunch."

He doesn't believe me. 

I don't blame him. Logan is a character that really has to be experienced first hand.  Like Tim, he was  too cool for school as a teenager who ruled his domain with a divine right.  Both drank too much, partied too hard, were way too successful with girls, had no adult supervision and a flexible relationship with the law.    In fact, they have so much in common that the best way to describe Logan would be "Imagine if Riggins had been really, really smart, famous and worth about a hundred million dollars."

Logan wouldn't have had to take the fall for Billy when the chop shop fiasco hit the fan; he'd have figured out a way to pin the whole thing on J.D. McCoy.  Logan was never convicted of anything but I'm pretty sure his accumulated time behind bars was as long as the prison sentence Tim served for his brother.

The Veronica Mars movie is set nine years after the last episode; the kids are all grown up.  Veronica and Logan haven't spoken in all that time.  The story is set up when he calls her out of the blue because once again, he's been charged with murder.  (For the third time, if you're counting. Ironically, he was never charged with the one he had a hand in but I don't think he knew Thumper was in there.)

The biggest surprise in the movie is when we first see Logan after all these years. 

When last we saw him, he was a college freshman who had just finished beating the shit out of a fellow student with ties to the Russian mob.  The mobster threatened revenge.

Remember 24?  Killing Jack Bauer didn't make him dead; it only made him mad.  Well, threatening Logan Echolls didn't make him scared, it only made him laugh.

Fast forward nine years and there's our guy; in the dress whites of a naval aviator.

It took a few seconds to get over the shock but it really makes perfect sense.  It was always a razor's edge as to whether or not Logan would come down on the side of good or evil. Thanks to Veronica, he  wanted to come down on the side of good he just wasn't always sure where the line was.  He was pointed in the right direction by the end of the show, but without her in his life, he could just as easily have wound up running his own crime syndicate.  Our faith in the fundamental iron of his character was rewarded; without Veronica in his life, he did not collapse into the easy life of a pampered celebrity.  He chose the hard thing; he found the discipline, structure and purpose he always craved.  Having grown up in the limelight, the anonymity of military service had to be seductive and he definitely has a Warrior mentality.  Plus, his love of extreme sports coupled with the fact that he doesn't have to work for a living all fit.

And the only naval aviator I know was also a psychotic jackass in high school.

Logan Echolls spent the nine years between the show and the movie finding his true calling.  Veronica Mars, on the other hand, spent those years suppressing her instincts and trying to recreate herself into the image of the girl she thought her Dad wanted her to be. 

The movie is about Veronica letting go of her fantasy self and embracing and accepting who and what she really is.  All it took was one look at Logan in his dress whites for her to toss a cute, charming boyfriend, a life in New York City, a law degree, a job with a prestigious multi national firm and the chance to pay off what had to be well over $300,000.00 in student loans out the window.

Her dad wasn't happy but no one was surprised.

Quite frankly, the sight of Logan in uniform would have been enough for most women to throw stuff out the window and the fact that he was also the long lost love of Veronica's life...well, Piz never stood a chance. 

And if she marries Logan, those student loans will be no problem.

I was happy with the way the movie dealt with Piz and V's relationship.  They were a couple when the show ended.  The opening scenes establish that the initial relationship only lasted a few months but that when they each landed in NYC, they began seeing each other again.  That was a great way to pick up where we left off without consigning poor Veronica to a decade with a guy she described as 'no roller coaster'.   I liked it that Piz was so intimidated by Logan that despite V not having laid eyes on her former love in nine years, he  knew the second she packed her bag for Neptune, she was never coming back.

I really enjoyed the case that Veronica had to work.  I loved bringing back the Carrie Bishop/Susan Knight friendship.  It's only the focus of one of the episodes but that was enough to establish several important points; Carrie was an 09er.  This is important in view of Logan's distrust of strangers.  Carrie was never a friend of Veronica's but by the end of the episode featuring her, Veronica had a new found respect for Carrie Bishop.  Like Veronica, Carrie didn't give a damn about public opinion and was both brave and strong enough to take on the whole world to  see justice done. Equally important, Carrie had no opinion or first hand knowledge of Veronica and Logan's stormy history (V&L were not high school sweethearts, no matter how often they are described that way) so she didn't have to deal with that particular baggage.  Also, Carrie and Susan's relationship was already known to be so close and supportive that Carrie's unraveling makes perfect sense.  Veronica was one of the only people who knew the depth of that friendship so she was one of the only people who would know where to look for, or even recongnise the clues as to what really happened. 

Veronica's immature handling of her life in NYC was  in keeping with her personality.  She's very good at rationalization, lying to herself and pretending her intentions are pure, all  while committing self sabotage.  It didn't suit her self perception to say "I hate this life and I'm not in love with you," to the job offer and her unobjectionable boyfriend.  She much preferred to pretend to acquiesce to her father's dreams for her.  But hey, if Piz dumped her and if the law firm withdrew their offer...

At 28, Veronica is still a passive/aggressive Daddy's girl.

So naturally, Logan had to save daddy's life.

And thank goodness Piz dumped her in the afternoon; Veronica would never cheat and it would have been really hard not to jump Logan's bones after he saved her Dad's life at dinner time. As it was, she had to wait about seven hours.  That's nine years and seven hours.

That's way too long to pretend you're someone else.

Loved Dick Casablancas!  Always have. 

The movie pretty much gave me everything I hoped it would, and a few things I didn't even know I wanted. 

My only quibble and it's very small; Veronica still has never told Logan she loves him.  When she was hiding in that cupboard, it was her Dad she sent the note to.  Considering how she spent the night before...she's still got some growing up to do.

I hope we get to see some of it.

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